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Project Start Day 2020-09-01

Project Total Duration 36 months

Project End Date 2023-08-31

Project Summary

Nowadays, students spend a lot of time using online platforms and social network sites accessing a huge variety of video content. However, the content they are consuming is not always appropriate for their age or has a meaningful purpose. Paying attention to this common context in the different participant schools, the main aim of this project is to create a video channel where students will upload their own content and where they will influence other younglings to create meaningful videos too. During the realisation of this project, students will become real life influencers. Through the creation of video content, students will foster not only their interest in school subjects but their motivation to make the world a little bit better. 

The students participating in the project are going to actively create videos related to topics that are important for them (such as personal life, school life and the world they live in) and they will share experiences and interests with the other project partners. Furthermore, they are going to analyse the world around them with a critic view and they are going to explain how to make the world environmentally friendly in an easy way. They will use the transnational meeting to discuss their interests in an assembly with their peers and they will decide together the future steps for the project regarding the topic of interest.

To foster autonomy and entrepreneurship skills, all the material will be created by the students themselves. They will be the directors, creators and producers of everything involved in the project. They will research information, analyse it and work with it in order to improve the learning to learn competence, as well as communication skills (mother tongue and foreign languages). This project will help students become more aware of the world that surrounds us and how to improve it, fostering their interpersonal, intercultural and social competence. They will also learn how to produce, record, edit and publish different types of videos, promoting the Technology and Digital competences. 


This Project will help the teacher staff of each school to set up a brand-new creative learning environment where pupils will be able to develop meaningfully the key competences of education, by guiding the students in the video creation. 


The project will also be an innovative challenge for the teachers in the partnership, as they will guide their students into making their thinking visible. Thanks to established Thinking Routines, teachers will guide the learning using two core practices: thinking routines (to process all the information that will be explained in the videos) and the documentation of the students thinking (by explaining the information in the videos); these practices will help students to become the leaders of the activities and to improve truth-seeking, understanding, fairness and imagination during the whole project. 


The topics of the videos will be evolving from their very own personal experience (such as school and personal life) to the world that we live in (global matters, such as the climate crisis) making the learning as meaningful as possible for the participants. 


The direct participants will be the 11 to 12-year-old students in the partnership schools. But not only the students from the partnership will learn how to make these videos: using tutorial videos that will be collected in Twinspace, they will explain to anyone interested on producing them how to do it. 


As a result of this Project, students are going to be motivated to learn. A school network will be created to promote cooperation between countries, not only in the countries participating in the project, but whichever school likes to join us and create their own videos. The interest in technologies is going to be boosted not only for students but also teachers, as they will improve their ICT skills and the foreign language fluency.

Students will be the THINKfluencers that green up our world!

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